Packet Delay Simulator, EDS-1G ---- Router Delay Simulator, RDS-PLUS
How will your Networked World react to changes in Bandwidth, Delay, Loss and Congestion?

Network Delay Simulator Products

  • Network Delay
  • Bandwidth / Clock Rate
  • Loss / Burst & Random Errors
  • Traffic, Duplication & Recording
  • 10/100/1000 & Serial / TELCO
  • 90-240VAC Power Supplies
  • Manufacturing Delay Simulators since 1999
The Delay Simulators allow users to test and stage critical network equipment adding delays and impairments over IP or Serial Data and TELCO user interfaces. The products are an excellent choice for validating and evaluating new products and technologies. The Delay Simulators allow the user to accurately emulate bandwidth, latency, loss and congestion.
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